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Fine Mattresses since 1903 –

The Taylor Bedding Company story begins at the turn of the century in the cotton producing state of Texas, in a sleepy little town 35 miles northeast of downtown Austin called Taylor, Texas.  The town was formed in 1876 at the crossroads of two railroads and for decades was a major hub for shipping of cattle and cotton from surrounding farms and ranches.  Just after the cotton harvest in September of 1903, a cotton plantation owner by the name of D.F. Forwood established the mattress manufacturing company now know as Taylor Bedding Co..

Taylor Bedding Co. Heritage

Today Taylor Bedding Co. not only has a long and distinguished heritage but is also one of the nation’s leading independent mattress manufacturers known for designing high quality mattresses and foundations that it sells in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Colorado and Mississippi.

Current owner Rodney Frazier is proud of the products his company produces and can proudly say that Taylor Bedding Co.  has manufacturer tens of millions of mattresses and foundations which contribute to hunderds of millions of great nights of sleep.

Company founder David Forwood and Taylor Bedding Co. employees contributed significant inventions to the bedding industry in the several decades leading up to the mid 1950′s.  For example, Forwood and Taylor bedding were responsible for inventing the original pillow-top mattresses in 1950-1953 (see attached patent artwork).  A search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows many patents issue to Taylor Bedding C. through the years that improve the sleep experience.

High Quality Materials for High Quality Mattresses

Today’s Taylor Bedding Co. choose the best materials money can buy to manufacture many styles of mattresses for a wide variety of consumers that want a mattress that is a better bed and value than what is made by the major bedding manufacturers in the U.S.. One example is the fire retardant layer of material that must be placed under the top layer of the mattress cover.  Taylor BeddincgCo. choose to use a higher quality and thicker material than many of its competitors.  All Taylor Bedding Co. products comply with all current U.S. laws regarding flame resistance and other safety and quality standards.

Lady Americana

Taylor Bedding Co. manufactures mattresses under several of its own brand names including Morning Glory and Back Relief, and is a licensed manufacturer of the Lady Americana brand of bedding in the states it serves. Lady Americana has earned a worldwide reputation for quality and value.  As a Lady Americana manufacturer, Taylor Bedding co. uses state of the art technology in all phases of its manufacturing process.

Lady Americana Gold, Silver, and Bronze product lines offer consumers high quality bedding at affordable price points.  Gold products are all handmade and each mattress features up to 2,400 encased in the highest quality materials available.

Contributing to the WWII War effort

During  World War II, Taylor Bedding Co. invented a method a make cotton fire retardant and was asked to produce millions of mattresses a year for U.S. troops. During the war, Taylor Bedding Co. employed 1,100 people who were patriotically contributing to the war effort 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  War era mattresses were used in ships, and by the Army and Army Air Corp.  Taylor Bedding Co. mattresses were used by the war department both in the U.S. and abroad.

Hospitality Division

Over the years, Taylor Bedding Co. has designed and build customer bedding for major hotel chain.  With a broad selection of beds available for the hospitality industry, Taylor Bedding Co.  has won contracts when it was up against the biggest volume manufactures. Recently (2011), Taylor Bedding began making bedding to replace all beds in The Roosevelt New Orleans – a Waldorf Astoria property.  Taylor Bedding presented a bed that was not only a little less expensive that other competitors, but also was more luxurious to sleep on.

Taylor Bedding Company’s Current Management

In 1991, Rodney Frazier bought Taylor Bedding from the Forwood family.  Frazier’s entire professional career has been in management of bedding manufacturers or suppliers to mattress manufacturers.  Frazier’s parents owned a mattress manufacturer in New Orleans which he merged with Taylor Bedding Co. Today Taylor Bedding Co. has facilities in Taylor Taylor, and New Orleans Louisiana.

Rod’s son, Ray Frazier is Taylor Bedding’s Vice President of Sales and has worked in the bedding industry with his family off and on his whole life.  Ray is being groomed to take over the helm of the company in several years and is already managing both operations and sales.  Ray brings a keen eye to designing new products and getting them to market.

Many of the 7-10 other management employees of Taylor bedding have many years of service with the company.   Click here to Meet the Team.

Innovation in materials and manufacturing technique may change in the years to come, but Taylor Bedding Co. philosophy of providing high quality bedding at affordable prices will remain as it has been for over 100 years.